Provide a Federally funded, locally administered, paid rural fire fighting force.

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I am proposing a Rural Fire Reserve.

During the recent and ongoing fires in NSW, it has been identified that our personnel are unable to continually provide their time voluntarily. The time has come to create a fire fighting force which is Federally funded, similar to that of the Army Reserve. Rural fire fighting is a very specialised skill that needs well trained and funded staff. Crews are not needed all the time, but when they are, they are needed in large numbers and for prolonged periods. Purely relying on the good will of volunteers just isn't keeping up with the demands a dryer and hotter Australia is putting on these excellent people.  

We need the Federal govt to fund the training and deployment of personnel to be able to fight these fires. They must be locally administered as locals are the best people for understanding their area. The crews are put into brigades as already designed, with a position number and when an emergency is called, they then come on full-time onto a truck, call centre or supply team to fully control the fire. Once the emergency is over, the members are stood down. 

Volunteers cannot sustain a prolonged fight against a fire and still manage to feed and fund their families. This proposal will require bipartisan support from both sides of politics. The Rural Fire Reserve could be part of the Department of Defence.