Protect our live music venues

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Live music venues are on the brink of crisis. 

As cultural hubs in metropolitan and regional centres, live music venues support the community in multiple ways. They provide space for new, emerging and established bands to perform. They employ bar and kitchen staff, sound engineers, bookers, door and wait staff. They are spaces of creativity and social inclusion, where people of all ages gather with a common, albeit sometimes varying, appreciation of live original music. 

Without swift and significant support of the Australian government our venues will not be around when the current Covid-19 situation eases.

Overheads including commercial leases, liquor and food licenses, insurances as well as utilities still need to be paid at a time when our venues cannot operate as they were designed. The business model of live music venues is built around weekly gigs and the punters turning up to enjoy those. With increasing social distancing measures in place, venues are on the edge of having to shut their doors – any many may be unable to recover and reopen.

It is imperative throughout Australia that when live music and people gathering can return, there are venues around to facilitate this.

We call on the federal government to act now and support these small businesses financially so that the industry as a whole can survive.