Remove Dan Andrews and appointment Specialist Team

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This is a plea to The Hon Scott Morrison MP Prime Minister of OUR Australia asking him to remove Premier Daniel Andrews, Jenny Mikakos and Brett Sutton; and obviously with the strict restrictive measures to protect ourselves and others to please re-open our businesses and trades and services so that our economy and people have a chance to survive.

We are in desperate need for a group to be formed and appointed consisting of Economic Specialists to work together with Medical Specialists and Emergency Crisis Specialists and Welfare Specialists to work on an immediate Recovery Strategy as well as continuous Management and Monitoring of Victoria for the foreseeable future.

What has unfortunately become clear is that there appears to be incompetency and misinformed and selfish hunger for power by decision makers pocketing over exaggerated wages and pay rises at our expense.  Daniel Andrews and his team are making poor decisions.

There has been no responsibility taken by our Premier and he is unwilling to admit or apologise for the mistakes he has made.  He has clearly avoided answering any questions that Victorians want answers for.

Why did Daniel Andrews insist on doing things differently in Victoria compared to the other States of Australia?; Why did he insist on using Security Guards whilst other States used Police and/or Defence Personnel?; Why has he been avoiding the  questions related to this debacle by diverting the answers to the questions by insisting that he cannot answer because it is in the hands of a Judicial Enquiry, whilst all along actually being able to answer?; Why is the tracing process a failure whilst in other States it has been a success?; 

Due to the current circumstances, we have the right to have our questions answered.  We want to know specific details regarding the huge numbers that are being produced on a daily basis as "new" cases.  Why is it that with the majority of Victorians adhering to what has become normal restrictions, "new" case numbers are so high? How are the "new" cases being recorded? The "new" cases cannot be linked to a test from the day before as it takes longer than two days to obtain a result, so we want to know the period that the tests were taken to produce such numbers.  We also do not have faith that the testing and analysis process has been done correctly.  There is the question over the period between the test and the result as so many have come forward to say that the results are produced many weeks after tests have been conducted whilst others have come forward stating that there has been confusion over being given both positive and negative results.

With obvious due respect to our Prime Minister, the Australian people employed our good Leader of our Country to Manage the best interests of every single Australian.  Is this situation in Victoria not serious enough for our Prime Minister to realise that we need him to step in and take over and remove Daniel Andrews along with his team?  How far into the depth of no return is our Prime Minister going to continue allowing this tragedy to be further bestowed upon us?

Daniel Andrews and his team need to be removed immediately and the Victorian people need to feel safe guarded and supported by our Prime Minister at the helm with the appointing of a team of specialist advisors to control this Emergency.

This latest restriction is not going to solve the Covid-19 problem.  It will only kill us in so many other ways.  We cannot come back from business failure,  financial debt, and death through suicide because of this.

If in six weeks, people return to normality, the virus will only return with the same fury unless a vaccine is discovered, and unfortunately there is still the fear that a vaccine may NEVER be discovered.

Daniel Andrews should have done more to stop the violators rather than punish those that have always done the right thing.  It really is simple, to stop the threat of spread, immediately incarcerate the violators for at least six weeks instead of punishing the rest of us for six weeks.

We Victorians are completely alone in this. We are infuriated and tired of hearing the patronising comments that Australia is with us.

We need to stand up against the bullying and incompetence and skewed agenda of Daniel Andrews and the incompetence of Jenny Mikakos and Brett Sutton.