Campaign the Government for a new Justice Precinct in Sydney’s southwest

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Sydney’s southwest suburbs are lacking in court services, lacking in infrastructure and the region is destined to have a population boom of 1.3 million by 2036.

Currently, the courts located in Camden, Picton and Campbelltown are lacking in court resources and under pressure. There is no Federal or Family court in the area resulting in the community being forced to travel several hours to attend those courts. The nearest Family and Federal courts are located at Sydney CBD, Wollongong or Parramatta. 

Camden and Picton courts are historical buildings and are over 150 years old each. They should be museums. They are not built for our growing population and lack basic features such as adequate security, custody for defendants, enough seating, interview rooms and waiting rooms. For victims of crime this means you could be forced to stand outside in the garden waiting with the accused, for victims of domestic violence or assault this means you are at risk physically and could be psychologically damaged by having the perpetrator or their family nearby. There is also no separate entrance for children’s court (frightening consequences in itself). Solicitors discuss their case with the defendant outside - impacting on their safety and very little confidentiality.

The backlog of matters being heard at all the courts is unmanageable with long delays. Court hearings for Camden are now being listed in 2020 at PIcton Court! This is unfair to Sydney’s southwest community as justice is not being served in a timely manner. This is unfair for both the victim and the defendant. 

No one is winning with the current conditions at these courts. It must change now to protect everyone involved in the justice system - workers, victims, defendants, legal fraternity.

Join our fight for Sydney’s southwest justice precinct! Why should Sydney’s southwest be penalised when seeking justice compared to a Sydney sider?

We call on the Government to provide a new multi-jurisdictional Justice Precinct co-hosted with emergency services in Sydney’s southwest. 

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                                       JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED....