Please support taxi drivers during this coronavirus crisis

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Taxi drivers are individual business owners working in a challenging market to serve the community. 

Many taxi drivers are good family persons with mortgages and financial commitments. 

After the ride-share industry adjustment, not much luck remained for many taxi drivers. They are living a hard-working life with long and odd working hours just to make enough to feed the family and to meet the financial commitments.

Their already strained earnings got worse by the coronavirus crisis. Like all other small businesses - Taxi drivers are struggling! 

Without tourists and overseas Travellers - Taxi drivers are waiting for more than 5 hrs to get a fare from the Airport. Restricted social interactions is also hurting usual businesses. Taxi drivers are in the front-line of this corona crisis to get hit. Though there are social distancing rules for everyone to follow - taxi drivers are risking themselves by providing the same service from a close distance as the nature of the job requires them to do - just to make a living. 

But, there are not much supports available for taxi drivers. Wheel stops - so will the income. How would a family survive if a taxi driver needs to stay at home?

Like tourism and other affected industries - taxi industry is suffering significantly. 

Considering the critical troubles around,  taxi drivers need help and support. 

This petition requests the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Transport minister to consider the sufferings of hard-working taxi drivers during this critical and crisis time and support them with adequate financial measures - just so, they also could survive this crisis.