Permanent residence offer to all non-residents in Australia

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Covid-19 has occurred in centuries now and is effecting the entire world. All the students, workers and non residents who have been coming and living here involving their love with Australia, paying equal taxes and contributing for the benefit of Australian economy are very important assets of Australia. I would request Scott Morrison to mention the world humans instead of just Australians in his speeches. There are 1500000 approximately non residents in Australia at the moment which are less than 7.5% of Australian population. These people are equal long going through the pandemic leaving their homeland behind because they love to lead their lives in The Great Australia. If they survive in this pandemic, it’s like a new life means birth in Australia. Offering them permanent residency under this crisis will provide a peace of mind and security to all non resident humans keen to stay in Australia. Many people have come to me discussing this. This will also boost future Australian economy through getting international people’s tourism and study support via taking Australia as the biggest human rights support country in the world. Cheers 

Dr. Kiran