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Ever since a Dual Medicare Rebate was introduced for psychologists, Australian Taxpayer's via Medicare Rebates have needlessly been paying 47% more to some psychologists for essentially the same Psychological Services that ALL psychologists provide. There is absolutely no evidence that treatment outcomes provided by any group of psychologists is better or worse. Furthermore, all psychologists are required to pay the same annual fees to A.H.P.R.A. and the A.P.S. and attain the same number of P.D.P. points per annum to stay registered. The Dual Medicare Rebate has caused nothing but divisiveness in the profession and has cost and is continuing to cost taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. No other Allied Health Profession has a Dual Medicare Rebate, so how are Psychologists different? Until some substantial evidence can be provided that treatment outcomes for one group of psychologists justifies taxpayers paying 47% more for their services I argue all psychologists should be paid the same Medicare Rebate.