No restrictions on telehealth consultations now

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Dear Prime Minister, 

‘we are asking as health care workers , and as Australian citizens to allow Medicare to pay for ALL Australians , so that they are able to have access to telephone / video consults .

no restrictions , no special criteria . 
‘As we all know , and as per your advice and medical expert advice , COVID 9 will spread significantly , 

yes the elderly and those with chronic illness is at more risk , however everyone is , and the risk of those that don’t fit the criteria giving the infection to the vulnerable ones is high , 

we need to encourage social distancing , and people to stay at home , and asking them to come to GP clinics for their normal routine care ( some of which can be dealt without face to face consultations ) , so we need to give them that option . This needs to happen NOW.

it is safer for all non infected patients to stay home and deal with their normal medical issues via telehealth , avoiding contact with potentially infected patients in clinic . 

Dina Elhalawani , GP at Warrnambool Victoria