No New Electric Vehicle Tax

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How do you feel about an extra vehicle tax if you own an electric vehicle. The government wants to double dip $ your pockets on the energy going into a vehicle because you're not buying petrol.

Help Australia STOP a new electric vehicle tax. 

EV owners already pay a premium to drive EVs in Australia, along with no incentives, unlike other countries that provide infrastructure and incentives.

The Australian government tried this in 2019 and it was slammed by the media and Australians, now they are at it again in 2020. Two states have already announced the new tax is coming. 


Don't let the government discriminate electric vehicle owners.

We already pay tax on everything, the energy we put in our vehicles is taxed. Stop the government from double dipping.

Victoria will soon join South Australia in introducing an electric vehicle tax.

Even our country’s automotive industry body, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI), which says it will kill off the fledgling EV industry.

If you missed the bomb that was dropped on electric vehicle owners on Saturday by Victorian treasurer Tim Pallas that the state would charge electric vehicle owners 2.5 cents per kilometre, and plug-in hybrid owners 2 cents per kilometre from July 1, 2021

Back off state governments, stop creating new taxes and learn to manage money and projects better. How about deliver more green energy for us to buy and run our vehicles.