Never Close Places of Worship Again

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People of Faith Matter

The Australian Government particularly in the state of Victoria clearly discriminates against people of faith. These faith based organisations regardless of their object of worship are not merely "clubs" which frankly is the treatment they are receiving during the nova covid-19 epidemic. The potency and lethality of the virus is not disputed. What we object to however is the closing of places of worship, places of spiritual and psychological healing, despite them being properly regulated and strictly following health practices recommended by the WHO and other regulating scientific bodies. It should be noted that most mainstream leaders and ministers  of faith communities have Psychological and Pastoral training and qualifications which can aid and assist those who need their voluntary services. We ask those in authority to please reconsider, commit and mandate to re-open places of worship and faith and never close them again. Just as hospitals, supermarkets and other essential services need to remain open, such is the case with the places of faith. People need access to the places but also their ministers of faith. People of Faith Matter.