Show compassion and allow Dariya Al-Shwany to receive the medical attention she needs.

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Emad Al-Shwany has been in and out of my office for almost ten months, working with us to fight the Immigration Laws to keep his terminally ill daughter with him and his family in Australia. I urge you to read his story:


I educate students in the field of Veterinary Science, and accepted this opportunity once again to move my family to Australia and offer my knowledge to better their educative quality at Murdoch University. A Visa application for my wife and 3 children was made, but my six year old daughter Dariya was refused status on my visa, as a result of failing the medical assessments. I subsequently submitted an application for a Medical Treatment (Visitor) Visa Subclass 602 which was granted and Dariya returned to Australia on the 26th of November 2013, for a granted period of 12 weeks.


During this time Dariya underwent testing and was diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis Ill,a condition marked by severe neurological symptoms. These include profound progressive dementia, aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity, seizures, deafness and loss of vision, and an inability to sleep for more than a few hours at a time. Some children may never learn to speak. In the syndrome's last stage, children become increasingly unsteady on their feet and most are unable to walk by age 10.


Currently Dariya has progressive mental and motor skill development delays, impaired language skills, does not speak, irregular sleep, progressive changes infacial features, aggressive behaviour, hyperactivity as well as associated medical complications such as obstructed airways requiring surgery. Now at age 7, the progression of her condition involves mainly intensive palliative care at home.


It is difficult to be precise about life expectancy because of variation in severity and age of onset. Some individuals have lived into adulthood but this is usually accompanied by a decline in their quality of life as brain function deteriorates. Most do not make adulthood.


All costs associated with the health and wellbeing of Dariya is to the Kurdish Government, and at no time will these costs be to the Australian Community or Government.


We have now exhausted all avenues to have Dariya stay in Australia. We have received a letter from Immigration stating that she was now unlawfully overstaying her Visa, and has to prepare her transit out of Australia.


On the 2nd of September I asked Scott Morrison’s office to meet with me, and to urgently instigate a Ministerial Intervention for Dariya. I sent him 43 pages of information on the case. I told him the child was in intensive care, and that the matter was urgent.


I’m yet to hear a word.


Dariya and her family have run out of options. Please join me in lobbying the Minister to respect Dariya and her family’s human rights.


Senator Sue Lines

Labor Senator for Western Australia


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