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Release the two boys taken into detention from Adelaide and placed into closed detention in Darwin and return them to Community Detention and their school and their frightened friends.


The Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, who organised the removal of the two Vietnamese boys, has been advised that 12 people have gone missing from community detention in South Australia in the past two weeks.  It's believed at least 11 people went missing after Immigration officials revoked the residence determinations of two Vietnamese teenagers and transferred them to an alternative detention facility last week.  Another person is believed to have gone missing before the two teens were transferred. These children are running because they are scared. They have already suffered Closed Detention before being placed by Immigration into Community Detention. Now at the whim of the Immigration Minister, who is also their guardian, they are having their visas revoked, with no explanation, placed into Closed Detention to be sent back to the persecution that they had fled from in the first place. The likelihood is that these young people will be imprisoned and interrogated on their return to Vietnam.

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