Minister for Aged Care Must Resign

Minister for Aged Care Must Resign

31 August 2020
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Scott Morrison, President and members of the Senate in Parliament
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Why this petition matters

Started by K Smith

RICHARD COLBECK MUST RESIGN - The Minister for aged care, Richard Colbeck, must resign.  It is an absolute disgrace what is happening in aged care and as Minister, it is his responsibility.

If you did your job the way Colbeck has, would your boss say 'no worries, you keep your job'.  I don't think so.  Politicians must be held accountable and it is up to us to make some small efforts along the way to make sure they do what is right and what is in the best interest of the public - they work for us after all. Please take 1 minute to sign(and share) this petition so we can try to make a difference.

Below is an extract from the aged care royal commission

"Professor Joseph Ibrahim, the head of health law and ageing research unit, at Monash University, criticised "people in governance positions” within Australia’s aged care sector, and governments, for not recognising “the magnitude of the problem staring them in the face”

“The human misery and suffering must be acknowledged. This is the worst disaster that is still unfolding before my eyes and it’s the worst in my entire career,” Ibrahim said.

“In my opinion, hundreds of residents are, and will, die prematurely because people have failed to act. There’s a lack of empathy, a lack of urgency. There’s an attitude of futility which leads to an absence of action.”



The problems include that some facilities are run for profit (which should be against the law - maybe another petition to start).  The staff are one of the lowest paid workers.  Why is it that people who look after humans are often the lowest paid?.  Staff have limited minutes (yes minutes) to attend to each person.  There is no time for chat or a little stroll around the garden, or a sit in the sunshine. Time is only allocated for washing and feeding and staff are under a lot of pressure to achieve the basics in their shift.

There are so many problems that have existed for a long time and it's time we had a Minister who can make a difference.  We are paying for this Minister and I for one don't want my tax dollars paid to a Minister who clearly doesn't have the skills or capabilities to look after the Aged Care portfolio.

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Signatures: 9Next Goal: 10
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  • Scott Morrison, President and members of the Senate in Parliament