May the drought spread to Canberra, and give our politicians a taste of reality.

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We the people of Australia would like to show our support for the farming community, by stopping the delivery of all food and beverages (including alcohol, tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, plant juices - fruit or nut) to Parliament House, Canberra - for a period of 2 weeks...or as long as it takes, for the elected representatives and policy makers - to remember the significance of food in their lives, and especially the value of farmers in their community!!

Perhaps, only when deprived of food and drinks - will our Members of Parliament and or Senators (regardless of political persuasion) recognize the critical importance of securing and protecting our farming family's financial future. The production and consumption of locally produced fresh food represents our survival and existence as a nation - from our health and well-being domestically, to our financial relevance globally.