Mandatory drug & alcohol testing for pollies!

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This is not about punishment. It's about common sense. It's about making sure that money spent on politicians and parliament is used effectively and that our government is run by sober, law-abiding citizens.

Accordingly we would like to see mandatory drug testing implemented for all federal politicians. Furthermore, breathalyzer devices should be installed at entrances to the House and Senate chambers. All MPs should be required to prove that they are sober before being allowed to vote on issues that impact the fate of our country and its people.

Anyone testing positive will have his/her expense accounts placed on income management for 24 months. A second drug test will be scheduled within 25 working days of the positive result.

After a second positive test, the pollie will be referred to a doctor who will assess their circumstances and identify treatment options. The pollie may be required to undergo drug treatment as a condition of their continued employment as a MP.

“Politicians who take drugs or drink on the job are denying the public the best policies and representation,” Social Services Minister Anne Ruston never said.

“That’s why the Morrison government will no doubt support this measure to ensure that we can identify and encourage people with substance abuse issues to get treatment, rehabilitate and make them job ready.”