Dash cam education and installation on car manufacturing

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This is a call for the education around dash cams and dash cams to be installed as part of the car manufacturing process. Not only does this provide a "protection" element to those driving but in the event something was captured it would provide valuable answers and evidence to those that could possibly be waiting for long court processes.  It could provide a deterrence for others demonstrating bad behaviour on the road and furthermore hold those accountable for their actions with undeniable evidence of what actually took place.  This in turn could also benefit insurance company claims.  The reason I am asking for this to take off is #justiceforElle .. my four year old daughter Elle Underhill died in a mva when the car she was travelling in was torn in half.. my other daughter elaina, also on life support and injured significantly...the driver found guilty of momentary inattention. I feel if there had been dash cam evidence the court process would have been shorter, as horrendous as it would've been there would have been evidence of what went wrong and answers may have been gained.  I do not want a family in our situation Elle's story has touched far more than she may have in life.  Something Has to change...how many more lives have to end prematurely before we take a stand and get some useful preventative in place...perhaps the government could make a rebate available... with all the technology available to us now.. how hard can this notion be???