Make Rapid Antigen Tests free and available

Make Rapid Antigen Tests free and available

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PM Scott Morrison's attempt to divert attention from his ongoing failure to make Rapid Antigen Tests free and available for all Australians proves he still does not get it.

It will mean Australians will continue to suffer the consequences of the Covid-19 government's' too little, too late' approach to the pandemic.

In seeking to divert attention from his failure to make Rapid Antigen Tests free and available to all Australians and people who reside in Australia, Scott Morrison attempts to divide our country. A small number of Australians will be given limited access to health care, while everyone else must fend for themselves. 



Most countries around the world provide free RAT tests, and some are poorer than Australia. Not getting free access to testing in a global pandemic goes not only against the Human Rights Charter but also the Australian Health Rights Charter.

With Medicare, access to health care is not determined by your income or postcode. Scott Morrison's attempt to undermine Medicare and pivot to a "user pays" pandemic response shows he is out of touch and not listening to his Australians voters who are scrambling to find Rapid Antigen Tests and struggling to afford them. 

It is an outrageous hoax for the Prime Minister to offer a handout to a small group of Australians so they can buy themselves Rapid Antigen Tests.

As a result of the lack of management of this pandemic, Australians cannot only easily access a RAT test at a pharmacy or supermarket, but the cost of Rapid Antigen Tests has skyrocketed astronomically. Even though these prices are affordable for the Prime Minister, they are out of reach for most people. 


Due to the Covid pandemic, Australians have already suffered enough monetary loss, death, and loss of dignity. Families are already struggling to make ends meet. 


Medical experts warned Scott Morrison months ago that Rapid Antigen Tests should be available for free to everyone - he must now show leadership during this period of national crisis by answering this call.

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33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!