Make Homework Optional at High School

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Homework has plagued children for years without much people knowing about it. School has enough assessments enough and children have been stressed out about it for so long.

You might be thinking but homework is extra learning and we should get children's more educated and yes homework does help a bit but some children might have a gifted knowledge in the task as they study outside of school. Or they might have a busy lifestyle which limits their time and they have to resort to doing it at night which leads to other problems like sleep deprivation which can lead to memory and focus loss and even premature death if it is habitual. That might not be you but all I am asking for is to make it optional. 

My second point is more important. Many studies have shown that homework is linked with stress and anxiety, why you might say? Some students have a big obsession of getting good grades and they have to get their work done on time and if you add all the other assessments on top of that and if they have things on after school, it will stress them out more. They also want to study to get a better grade but this can be counter-productive. Many studies have linked homework/learning and becoming less intelligent. You might be thinking this is a lie and I understand you but if you research about this it is true and I had lots of experience of that myself when I was in high school, but this isn't about me this is about all of you. If you want and in depth explanation click on this video

Ok to my third point which is the aftermath of all this. Many of you don't know the consequence of stress, anxiety and depression. But it is not minor as many of you think. Homework raises stress levels because students think they will not complete it or they will do bad. And having high stress levels closer to bed time have been linked to insomnia which is difficulty to sleep, this can literally make us forget things, feel bad and if this becomes chronic than it could lead to premature death. Ok I will understand you if you might be thinking HOW ON EARTH HAVE WE GOT FROM HOMEWORK TO DEATH. I was thinking the same thing when I was young too, but statistics and study back it up too much and I know a few people who have gotten to this state. I hope it make sense if I explain it like this, first homework during night, they will fell stressed and anxious, ok stress and anxiety is minor but can get serious if it lasts long-term which leads to sleep problems which is also minor if treated but left untreated can be life-threatening leading to premature death which ISN'T MINOR.

Ok this might not be you or your child or your brother/sister, cousin, etc. but many people have died from this and although it might be a small amount, it is still something. We are all granted human rights, but there is one that we are not granted which is important. It is the choice to have homework or not. You might like homework and that's fine I'm not asking for homework to be banned. I am asking it to be OPTIONAL. 

So I hope you are with me helping children across the world. If you do want to help benefit our schools please sign this petition or take it into consideration.

Thank you