Make exceptions for those on 457/482 skilled working visas due to the COVID-19 crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spread incredibly quickly and we are now in a world crisis. We are calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison and The Minister of Immigration to make exceptions for 457/482 skilled visa holders whose visa's were set to expire in 2020 to be extended to 2021. Additionally we are asking for the working conditions to be loosened to allow those skilled workers who have lost their jobs a better chance at financing themselves during this critical time.

The Australian economy is been devastatingly affected by this virus causing many businesses to close down or be on the brink of making redundancies to their workforce.

My hope after calling this country home for the past nearly 5 years was to apply for my permanent residency and continue to live, contribute and settle in this amazing country. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the company I work for has entered administration and it is not certain that the business will find a buyer in the current economic climate. What does this mean for me? It means I am at risk of loosing my job, my visa and my home. It means that after years of working hard and contributing to the Australian economy that my visa will now expire just months before I could apply to become a permanent resident and I will have to leave Australia.

This is just my own personal example of why I am asking for these new conditions to be assessed and introduced by the government. But I know there are many more people struggling with similar and equally unfair circumstances, which is why I am passionate about starting this petition. We are skilled workers and are valuable to the Australian economy and will be needed once this pandemic is over! 

Australia is a country built on diversity. The merging of different cultures is something that makes it so unique as a nation. I know that each and every person will know someone who has migrated to this country, whether that be a friend, parent or grandparent. Likewise I know that many people will also know someone on a visa who is being affected by this COVID-19 situation. Please support those who want to continue to live and thrive in this country by signing this petition. Please share far and wide amongst your peers, colleagues and family. We would really appreciate your support during this time!