Lie-resistant, corruption-proofed election campaigns

Lie-resistant, corruption-proofed election campaigns

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Do you, like me, keep getting well-meaning pleas to sponsor an Australian child?

You know,  we already sponsor Australian children — as well as the elderly, people with disabilities, hospitals, GPs, research, roads, defence, the environment, mining, industry, private health funds, certain sporting clubs and much more — with our taxes.

How about instead of (or as well as) sponsoring one child, we sponsor a government, through corruption-resistant publicly funded election campaigns, that make all corporations and the rich pay their taxes? Which then directs those taxes, transparently, through constructive policies to serve their constituents (ALL of us) with programs and services that address Australia’s worsening inequality and injustice, and the burgeoning corruption to which all resource-rich nations are prone.

Private philanthropy should only ever be an add-on to catch people who fall through the cracks, not another layer of bureaucracy born of the huge numbers driven over the edge of a widening chasm between the rich and poor; a bonus, not a bedrock. Some of these worthy and hard-working organisations grew out of the 1930s depression, before we had social welfare — their resurgence clearly indicates the return of those dire social, economic and political conditions.

If you’re thinking ‘don’t bring politics into this’, really, you know it’s politics that has created this need to sponsor Australian children. It’s politics and the politicians who decide how and where our taxes are spent and some of them want you to disengage, because then, nothing changes. Presently, too many of our politicians’ real constituency is the rich and powerful, who have convinced us that they know best, because, well, they’re rich and powerful. Today’s parties cannot win government without their say-so. 

Clive Palmer spent around $90 million on his 2019 election campaign. 

What did the billionaire get for his money? 

What did we get for the other parties’ campaign money, the cost of which was around the same amount that was distributed to sporting clubs recently? 

Sadly, we’re all too familiar with private aid agencies asking for money to sponsor children in impoverished nations, but Australian kids? Isn’t that one of our government’s top jobs? Too many of the current politicians seem to look after themselves and those enabling them to hold on to power, while sowing division and diversion and throwing scraps to the rest.

And so, we are asked to look after the kids they won’t.

Could we instead have open and honest government that looks after our kids and all Australians through open and honest election campaigns that no one can buy?

You can only make decisions on the information you have, and believe to be true. The rich and powerful have convinced many of us – using captive heritage media and social media micro-targeting – that they know what’s best and to give them our democratic power. 

Time to take it back.

Let’s sponsor ALL Australians, our children and our democracy, by publicly funding transparent, fact-checked, lie-resistant, corruption-proofed, donor-free election campaigns.



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