Let More Australians Come Home

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Due to the restrictions of incoming passengers, there are still over 20 thousand Australians stranded overseas trying to get home. 

Many without jobs or even places to stay, who are stuck having to resort to couch surfing. There isn't any financial help for expats, the amount of people out there struggling with absolutely nothing is unacceptable. 

Flights can be booked, but the chance of actually getting on the flight is very low. Up to 4000 passengers a week are allowed into Australia, at the moment even less than that as none are allowed to fly into Melbourne. The reason given by the embassy responsible for me being that it is because of the lack of Quarantine hotels. 

Why now? Up until July 1st it worked. Up until July first they found a spot in hotels for each incoming traveler. Considering the rules have been changed about who has to pay for Quarantine, it's not even as if the costs are falling back onto the Government. I can imagine there are a lot of Hotels that currently (during Winter) would love a little extra steady income to make up for what they lost in summer due to Covid-19. 

Why are we being left stranded all over the world? Why aren't we being helped? 

The new rules in place are there until the 24th of October, which means *if* they were to change the rules and up the amount of allowed incoming passengers, a lot of us are still stuck for at least another 2 months. 

This petition is to raise awareness and to try and to encourage /force the government to rethink the decision they've made to leave their own citizens stranded around the world. Please help me and all other Australians that are stranded to just come home. That's all we want. To be home and safe. 

We are not trying to get cheaper flights, or free Isolation, all we want is that the limit of 4000 passengers be raised. Even if only for a short time to get us home, we just can't hold out another 2 months.

To any Australians who haven't yet done it, please register yourself under: 


So we can show the government the accurate number of people trying to get home. 


Please post this on Facebook/Insta/Snapchat to share this, and your stories with the world. They need to know what's going on.