Save Keswick Island from China Bloom

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A Chinese real estate company has banned Australians from an Australian island (Keswick Island) In a clear sign of China's ever-growing influence, a Chinese real estate company that bought an Australian island in 2019 has now banned the residents from even entering the place. The residents have complained they have been barred from living at the Keswick Island after China Bloom bought it for a 99-year lease.

Controversy was sparked in 2020 after the head lease for the island was silently acquired by Chinese developer China bloom in 2019. The developer has been accused of blocking access to the islands airstrip, boat ramps and national parks as well as illegally erecting 'keep out' signs and excavating and flattening a shoreline without a permit during turtle nesting season. Locals who have called picturesque Keswick Island home for years, claim China Bloom the Chinese developer who owns the island’s main lease has resorted to increasingly petty tactics in a war over the Whitsundays paradise.

It’s time for the politicians who sold Keswick Island to this Chinese company to come out of hiding, and reverse this decision so we can GIVE THIS ISLAND BACK TO AUSTRALIANS!!!

Keswick Island is an island in the southern half of the Whitsunday Islands. Located 34 kilometres north-east of the Queensland city of Mackay, Keswick Island is part of the Cumberland Islands of islands that lay protected inside the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.