Justice to the impaired

Justice to the impaired

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Emmanuel Michailidis started this petition to Scott Morrison and

August 2020 Update public petition to my previous pp 04 01 2020 to, The Prime Minister Scott Morrison and to the Vic Premier Daniel Andrews.

Prime Minister and Premier, I'm referring to my public petition 4th Jan 2020, hundreds of letters over so many years, to Ministers to Prime Ministers Julia Gillard reg. Let 2012, Lawyers Barrister Commissioners, and again May June 2020 my 4 submissions to, The latest ongoing Royal Commission, disturbing issues exposing treating Psychs Hospitals others. The satanic plans the cover up, in spite of so much exposure my pp on the web, Discrimination Denial of Health Care Collusion, Medications without any Consent, Abuse of Power no one addresses in our country wealthy Australia. My concerns to Your Leadership Your Accountability, Your Duty of Care to protect the general public, this isn't happening to my son Michael, to thousands in the Disability Sector, the Vulnerable in our institutions. Michael since June 2020 his 3rd year on NDIS. Core issues no one addresses to date, and no one has produced a Forensic Psych Assessment and a report for my son Michael. Why? For one, to simply cover up justify masses of medications administered to innocent victims. In two, when that and so much more was requested back in 2010 VCAT Hearing, in the presence of so many participants. In three, this is happening in spite of an undisputable report dated back in 2007. The report in place, does not support Schizophrenia but, the truth the whole truth the problem. The report “father's letters of course” from, the RMH Prof previous E/Dir Neuropsych Prof Dennis VELAKOULIS and current RMH E/Dir Scientist Prof Christos PANDELIS, Pioneers to their research to Schizophrenia. ”We are the first” Mr Michailidis, Michael does not have Schizophrenia. Mr Michailidis I told you before, Michael does not have Schizophrenia.

To this 26th August 2020, Michael has been administered bombarded huge amounts of medications deteriorating his condition medic no one can tell effectiveness, without consideration to so many side effects, hunger thirst pain and suffering, and without any consent, ignoring Tribunals Orders, torturing the Vulnerable in Care. Poor Michael ”thousands of Michaels” in isolation distanced from their families seeking help health care. Michael damaging his limbs “in desperation to open up reach out for food” from kind GP Dr MOK Mooroolbark “Recent updating father” speaking to carers and instructions given them, “unlock the cupboards” Food 24/7 it's a joke. Michael, victims in captivity they're locked up far away from families. Criminality Discrimination Cruelty, Readers to judge. This inhumane response is applied to the Vulnerable seeking help health care in our institutions. Michael's case 30 years of monitoring, Michael and my family we have paid plenty. Why? Because, there is No Transparency in our Institutions and No Justice in AU, to the general public to the needy to the frail to the Vulnerable. Australia's obligation, to the UN CRPD International fundamental Human Rights, in particular to people with a disability. Responsibility Accountability the joke of the world. Nothing ever
happens, to protect the thousands of Vulnerable in our Institutions. Damning evidence over so many years, Readers please pause for a moment and think, who's to ever repeat this feat this exposure to criminality, I'm delivering the world over? How's my family to protect Michael when I disappear in thin air tomorrow?

My 4p let Feb 2020 to treat Psych Dr Alwis cc to E/Dir Dr Chad Bennett St Vincents Hospital
1, Dr D D Alwis to this 26 08 2020 No response
2, St Vincent's only response, “private and confidential”
My 3 letters May June July 2020 Express Post to Dr Alwis seeking confirmation, concerns to:
1, 2011 MRI Recom for Michael, by treat Dr D Velakoulis to shed light etc No response
2, My Barrister's let 2011 to DHS Seeking the same MRI 2011 Dr DV Confirmation etc No response

My 3 comm to Phar Spec HMR Referrals, Blurry Illegible Report by Mostafa MUNNA No reply Shocking revelations, Silence no response to a parent official VCAT Guardian, having written so many hundreds of letters. My frustration desperation last 5-7 years writing on the web, when no one actions responds introduces, a safe a legitimate response to the needy to the Vulnerable, they know no one can challenge bureaucrats Politicians our Leaders.

Prime Minister and Vic Premier, this ongoing International story, Your obligations to the general public to the Vulnerable, I ask again for your protection Justice to my son Michael to the thousands Vulnerable, to action a resolution a Criminal Court my preference, opened to the general public to discuss address highlighted issues, in particular to Bullies, Cheats Cowards “they'll get back to me after this is over.”

My humble opinion my response to, Bullies Cheats Liars Audacity Others, I say let's do it now, tomorrow next week I'm ready. Before I go, before you go Prime Minister and Premier Daniel Andrews, and before you relinquish your responsibilities. That will stop for ever, the passing of the buck, protect the Vulnerable Humanity, restore Transparency Confidence to the general public in Australia.

Emmanuel Michailidis

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