Increase the Newstart payment by $95 per week

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I’m a Tassie grandmother who has seen first hand the devastating impact the low rate of Newstart has on young families. That’s why I’m calling for the Newstart unemployment benefit to be increased by at least $95 per week. 

Did you know the Newstart allowance has not increased in real terms since 1995, when John Howard put a freeze on it? Now, even he is calling for an increase!

Currently, the National unemployment rate is 5.3% but it is 7% in Tasmania, and the underemployment rate is 8.4%. The country is struggling to bring the unemployment rate below 5%, and there will always be a percentage that is unable or simply not capable of getting a paid job. 

Why don't we just accept the reality, and show some compassion for those people in our society who have ended up in the too-hard basket, and are really doing it tough?

Bob Hawke famously said, way back in 1987, that no child in Australia would be living in poverty by 1990. It is now estimated over 731,000 children in Australia are living in poverty. This is simply unacceptable. It is shameful. 

I’ve seen the impact of this poverty cycle up close, and it breaks my heart. Sometimes it feels like this government is waking up each day thinking up new ways to make these poor people's lives more difficult

Experts, politicians, even conservative media commentators all agree - we need to increase Newstart. And we can’t wait. Children are suffering. A $95 increase would lift these young families above the poverty line. We’re a rich country, and we used to have big hearts. What happened?

Please Scott Morrison, increase the Newstart/Jobsearch Allowance by $95 per week -  now!