Immediately remove Bettina Arndt from the 2020 Australia Day Honour List

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Controversial social commentator Bettina Arndt has been included in the 2020 Australia Day Honours List. 
Ms Arndt has made frequent public comment that advocates for people who have been convicted of child sex offences. Ms Arndt is on public record blaming young women and girls for sexual assaults occurring to them. 
Most notably Ms Arndt interviewed Mr Nicolass Bester who is a convicted child sex offender. 
This interview, published by Ms Arndt clearly demonstrates Ms Arndt’s support and advocacy for a man who was convicted of a serious child sex offence. 

The decision to include Ms Arndt on the 2020 Australia Day Honours list is an affront to survivors of childhood sexual assault, their advocates and the entire Australian community. 
It is an appalling decision and needs to be immediately reviewed - Ms Arndt should never have been considered for inclusion in Australia’s highest honour. 
Scott Morrison you are a father of girls. If it was your daughter who was being discussed in the interview Ms Arndt conducted and published would you be comfortable with the decision to recognise Ms Arndt in this way?