Immediate Australia lockdown for 14 days to save Australian Lives!

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Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in Australia. We have already seen what happened in other countries when numbers got to 1000s. The problem is Scott is going for Herd Immunity based on an assumption that Coronavirus will be similar to Influenza and won’t cost too many lives. 

Unfortunately it’s not the case as Italy is a live example for the whole World. The death rate seems to be around 8.5%. 

For “herd immunity to work we would need 15 million people to contract Coronavirus, even if Australia ends up with 3% to 4% death rate that would equate to 450,000 to 600,000 deaths. How can our government play with so many lives on the name of trying to save the economy. Wouldn’t the cost to economy will be lot more when government will end up exhausting the whole medical system and still be struggling. Going by what’s happening in other countries sooner or later Scott would have to make a decision to lockdown Australia, but I am afraid it might be too late and it will become lot harder to contain the virus as the numbers grow.

In Italy they are having to choose who to save depending on how old they are! Do we want to get into such a situation?

Please quarantine affected people and lockdown Australia while we still can save half a Million lives.

Scott we have a choice between saving economy or saving 450k to 600k Australians.

Time is of the essence and we need to make strong executive decisions to save Australians lives. Please save Australians before it’s too late! Prevention is lot better than trying to cure millions of Australians.

With 14 day lockdown the virus spread will stop in its tracks and it will become easy to identify who have the virus and government will be able to quarantine them while rest of the Australians will be back in workforce. Australian economy will be able to bounce back quicker and stronger than ever! 

We need strong leadership action from you Scott, over half a Million lives depend on it! 

It will be short term pain for long term gain!