HELP! We need more water bombers...

HELP! We need more water bombers...

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Mr Morrison,

thank you for ordering some more water bombers - at last. Pity you couldn't see the need few months ago, when the fires were still manageable, or even earlier when Greg Mullins and the Climate Council team tried to warn you about the catastrophic fire season - before it arrived.

By ignoring their advice, you have failed your basic duty - to keep Australia and it's people safe. Instead, you chose to do nothing and now we're all paying the price, in one way or another. 

Prime minister, now is not the time for trying to score political points or waiting for another miracle to put the fires out! You've tried that before and see (and smell) where it got us.

While four new planes is better than none, it's nowhere near enough. Each of the big fires will need deployment of few bombers to have any real impact now. 

Even five 737 water bombers will still leave Australia about 85 times less equipped to handle big fires than California (USA), who use 24 heavy bombers for land area roughly 1/2 the size of NSW (or 18 x smaller than Australia). 

Mr Morrison, what makes you think that even five 737 bombers will be enough to put out all the huge fires you've allowed to grow for months?

What makes this country so 'special' that you expect our firies to manage with that much less aerial water bombing capacity than California, when our total current fire area is more than 6 times bigger than California's total for last year's fire season? 

Please hire more heavy bombers and air cranes ASAP. We don't have any more time to waste listening to your excuses and dribble! Every day and each delay on your behalf causes more destruction, more suffering and more mass slaughter.

Being a Prime minister DOESN'T give you the right to burn our country down! Do your job ... hire more planes NOW.

Lumir Cech (ACT)


Hi all & thanks for visiting. I've started this petition to get more direct and quicker action by asking everyone to send an email to their 'favorite' politician.

Please help by sharing this with everyone you know and every platform you can!  This is still REALLY important and REALLY urgent..!

Below you'll find email addresses to few Liberal members of parliament. It's not a complete list, feel free to add to it, if you have someone else in mind. Most (not all) MP's use this address format: '' 

The idea is to flood their inboxes with our messages. Maybe then they'll start listening. Yes, it will take bit of effort, but I believe it's worth a try.

Not long after this petition was introduced to Morrison, he finally finally had a change of mind and promised to hire four more water bombers. You made it happen!

Please write a short PERSONAL description in the email subject field eg 'Four planes is good...twenty four would be better...!'

Four extra planes is great news, but nowhere near enough to put out the present fires, so let's keep the pressure on! The more emails we send, the louder the message.

You can paste a relevant picture, or write whatever you want in the email body, but try not to threaten or abuse the recipient(s) too much. If your message sounds abusive, it will get filtered out and if it looks anything like a threat, be prepared for a visit from the police - or worse.

Huge thank you to everybody that emailed, signed and/or shared - THANKS !!!

List of 'favorite' MP's emails:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you would like more information on the bushfire emergency, please check here (another petition started while back):

Thanks in advance !!!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!