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I am starting this petition to change the laws in Qld. In Qld our laws state that a nurse, doctor or organisation (hospital) can not be held accountable for deaths relating to negligence. We as Queenslanders can not get justice for our loved ones if they pass away due to not having the appropriate care.

I have started this petition because I as a mother, was put in the position of taking my 7month old baby girl Storme-Leel off life support because there was nothing more that could be done to save her life. Storme-Lee would have been finally ready to come home around the same time she passed away, HOWEVER events over her last 10-12 days of life that were ignored by nurses and doctors took her life. 

Had these nurses and doctors had of listened and given " appropriate" care to the issues my baby girl would still be here. It is the lack of action taken by these nurses and doctors which ultimately ended her short life.

I am unable to sue for Medical Negligence as in the state of Queensland, you can only do so if you are a dependant of a person who lost their life due to negligence OR you have a diagnosed mental illness brought on by the events( this mental illness can not be grief).

These laws need to be changed. It is not ok for nurses, doctors and organisations to be getting away with taking people's lives because they were negligent. 

Nothing is going to bring my baby back but I can fight to have these laws changed so that these people and organisations start doing things right. If they are held accountable for their actions then this negligence will stop. ATM they have and do get away with it so nothing is going to change. We can not get away with Manslaughter and Murder so why should nurses, doctors and associated organisations