Harsher penalties for domestic violence against women in Australia

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Domestic violence against women is on an upward surge at this present time, even with all of the add campaigns and deterrents it is still happening.

The Australian legal system is to lenient on these violent thugs, most of the offences these violent men are charged with have no presumption for bail from the police or the courts, but yet still the police and the courts are still giving these men bail. 

Then when it comes to the court process, many of these men escape punishment and convictions recorded, then they are free to roam around and find their next prey.

Our governments need to make changes, they need to make domestic offences indictable offences and increase the penalties, and make them a crime which carries a mandatory jail sentence. They also need to make these offences automatic bail reusable offences.

Women are being killed, bashed or abused every day and it needs to stop now, our government needs to stop handling these offenders with kid gloves and take a stand and protect the women of our country.

Australia say no to violence against women! do you? please sign this petition and share to show your support.