GETTING HOME SAFE FROM WORK - a right...not a privilege

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Bringing #christopherslaw into Government and make it law.

 #christopherslaw shall give all workers assurance that they have the right without being persecuted, to remove themselves from an unsafe situations and to speak out when they believe that they are being put in danger

It will be A LAW that allows you to speak up without being victimised or have fear of losing your jobs.

A LAW that protects our workers from dying or even getting injured and live, to face a world of despair.

This is a simple RIGHT that allows all workers to come home to their families safely.


A LAW that ensures ALL Safety Officers that are  appointed to large scale construction sites are INDEPENDANT and not employees of the Builder, so nobody turns a blind eye to an unsafe situation.

A LAW that brings in third party valuers and estimators to check all bid and tenders on large scale construction. Eliminating bad construction due to cost cutting and time factors

A LAW that does not allow the white card to be obtained online but is only available after an approved TAFE Course or similar

A LAW that abolishes SELF REGULATION in an industry that is extremely dangerous and actually requires STRICTER REGULATIONS

A LAW  that requires apprentices to wear a different coloured Safety hardhat, so they are recognised and removed from an unsafe situation.

A LAW  that requires ALL SUPERVISORY PERSONNELL to complete a full Health and Safety Representative Course or a Cert IV in WHS, so they are aware of the Consequences involving unsafe work practises.