Let's get Australia moving again with a better deal for Powered 2 Wheels!

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5000 Signatures

We have reached 5000 supporters who want a better deal for Powered 2 Wheels (PTWs). 

Every year governments spend millions of taxpayers’ dollars on costly construction projects that do not reduce road congestion. These projects take years to complete and usually run over time and budget.

PTWs solve many congestion issues facing our cities, deliver effective social distancing, cut transit times, make commuting more fun, and sharply reduce the cost of getting to work.

By incentivising more people to travel on PTWs our communities, economy and environment benefit through:

* reduced air and noise pollution
* reduced traffic and parking congestion
* reduced commuting time
* effective social distancing while commuting
* increased mental wellbeing
* making commuting fun

With over 2.1 million licensed motorcycle riders in Australia we need to unite and stand up and be counted. But we need our message to find these people but we can't do it on our own. If you have shared the petition previously, thank you. Each share pushes the message out further and to more people. We need each and everyone to keep sharing and pushing for a better deal.

Let's be the change we want to see in our cities. 

See you on the road!


2 Wheels Action Group (TWAG)
3 months ago