Get Aussies stranded in India home

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Thousands of Australians are stuck in India due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Flights are cancelled, the whole country is in lock down and the embassy have told them to “stay safe”. There are currently no plans from the Australian government to get them home safely. They are not allowed to leave the properties they are currently residing in, they are running out of food and drinking water and scared to be evicted from their accommodations. Tensions are rising with locals in areas who feel that foreigners are to blame for the spread of Covid 19. They are scared and just want to come home. Many tried to return home but faced last minute cancellation of flights, and now face strict border closures of all states and territories. Australians fear they will not be able to get home without a government-sponsored repatriation flight, which are currently the only flights being allowed by India’s government. We are asking the government to do what other leaders have already done, bring our people home to safety.