#Freezemyrent - COVID-19 . Landlords in Australia save small Businesses, freeze the rent.

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We, the undersigned commercial tenants, are left in dire need by the COVID-19 outbreak. With home quarantines spreading across the country, both for recovery and as a precaution, we are reminded of the necessity and fragility of commercial leasing. That fragility leaves Australia's commercial tenants population in a state of emergency.

Businesses, in turn, are closing and leaving their already struggling workers out on the street. Money has ceased its flow into the pockets of Australia's most vulnerable — and we need immediate action to stop it from bleeding out. 

Economic disruption of any kind harms the low-income and already vulnerable members of our community, and this outbreak is no different. Job losses, reduction of hours, and unstable work schedules are all either here or coming in the near future.

With huge decline in sales for up-to 60% or more for small businesses the situation is getting extremely hard and some of them are closing down. They are letting their casual staff go as they cannot afford them and all of it impacting our community and destroying life's.

Government & Banks are assisting small businesses in every possible way except landlords who have not done anything so far.

So, we request all big and small landlords to do their bit now to save small businesses, save jobs and save life's. Westfield (Scentre Group), Vicinity group, Chadstone shopping Center, Pacific Mall, Makris Group, Adelaide & Commercial, please we need you to step in and assist. Situation is getting grim now after the announcement of our PM to close pubs, bars and other places by midday today. 

We demand that Australian commercial tenants rents to be frozen by legislative action immediately until the COVID-19 crisis passes. That is, until there are tests that show this is no longer a threat posed to all of our communities. Therefore we write to you, those in the highest positions of power, to help our current and future predicament.