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In Australia, we have some of the highest trained and well respected tradesman in the world.

But in our trades the rules are forever changing, with our standards (rule books) constantly being updated it makes it very hard for us to keep on top of current rules and regulations. 

Everytime a new update comes out or the books get amended and changed we are up for a small fortune to update our library so we can still be safe and compliant. 

Not everyone has the funds to do this and we see tradesmen fall behind. Or we see tradesmen doing the right thing being undercut by tradesmen that aren't aware of new rules and regulations. 

My ultimate goal here is for all regulated trades ( Electricians, Plumbers, Gas fitters, Refrigeration mechs, Builders etc.) To have free access to the rules they are expected to follow. As they are the law for our trade.  

We pay our fees for our license which generally lasts five years. Why can't we have a copy of appropriate regulations sent to us with our license. That way all trades will have a chance to stay current. 

Please if your a tradie and you struggle to stay current on the regs. Or you stand behind this idea as I do. Please sign the petition and share to your tradie mates. Every last signature will help!