Force the Aust Govt to enforce complete & proper shutdown to control COVID-19.

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Several countries are now shutting down all non-essential services and activity and enforcing shutdown and isolation, until infections are driven down completely. Only then can order and normality be resumed. 

An article published Medium by Australian academics Dr Megan Higgie, of James Cook University and Australian National University PhD student Andrew Kahn, has revealed that if Australia failed to implement strict measures it would run out of ICU beds between April 7 and 9.

No matter how much money the government throws at the economy, most businesses cannot survive the absence of normal activity for more than a few months.

Australia will continue to experience exponential growth of COVID-19 if drastic measures aren’t taken immediately. 

How long does the Australian Government have to wait till it follows suit? At least there would be light at the end of the tunnel, businesses have something to work towards and humans would have hope. 

Action needs to be taken, shutdown needs to be enforced and fast before COVID-19 is completely out of control. 

“The mathematics of exponential growth also work in reverse: if the infection rate is below 1, instead of above 2 as it is now, then large numbers of cases turn into small numbers quickly.

China went from 4,000 new cases per day to 20 per day in six weeks with an infection rate that dropped below 0.5.

In Australia, if we achieved an infection rate of even 0.8, new infections per day would reduce from 100 to 10 in about six weeks, at which point track and trace becomes much more effective.

This strategy, makes sense to implement immediately and aggressively. The longer we wait, the longer that economic activity has to remain at a standstill to get back to zero cases.” John Daley explains.

Scott Morrison, what are waiting for?