Ending live animal exports and imports to and from Australia

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Ending live animal exports and imports to and from Australia.

Australian live cattle are being exported and imported to and from Australia on the regular. Each year, around three million live animals are being exported from Australia and slaughtered in other countries such as Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Lebanon, Iran, and many more! This is NOT okay and must be ended. 

Live animals such as pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, and many more are being imported and exported to and from Australia on the daily! These animals are exported and imported by ship, and the long voyage isn’t pleasant. If having to get on (and stay on) a ship for just under a week in disgusting conditions isn’t terrifying enough for the poor animals, they are then also treated horrible amongst boarding and landing! Many of these animals don't even make it to their destinations alive from the lack of food, water, and from their frightening experience! This is what we call; Animal Cruelty. 

During all this, Australia proceeds to import and export live cattle by the thousands, because it's the “easiest and most affordable way” for Australia to have meat. But there are better ways that Australians can eat meat such as: Only buying Australian meat!

I believe that the cheapest, easiest, and most delicious way an Australian can eat meat, is only buying meat from Australian owned cattle. This way, you know that no nasty added hormones are in the meat you buy, the animal hasn't been in incredibly brutal conditions before being slaughtered, and, you will also be certain that when you buy from only Australian meat companies, you are supporting an Australian business! 

Australia needs to stop exporting our fantastic Australian cattle, and start investing in only allowing Australian owned companies to sell their meat to supermarkets.