Stop the NSW government from allowing the licence to harm Native Australian animals

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  • in 2018 the Australian government has officially allowed the hunting and harm to Australian wildlife such as Kangaroos, Wombats, Emus, is suns and more beautiful Australian creatures.
  • from 2019 - 2020 Australia has been struggling with catastrophic bushfires tearing through the lands destroying millions of hectares of land which is home Australia’s wildlife, driving them out of their habitats and into communities in search of water and shelter.
  • by 2020 research shows that over 480 million Australian animals have lost their lives in the bushfires. 

  • The licence permit to harm native Australian animals should not be an option as they are native animals to Australia, they were here long before settlement, we built on their land and by culling or harming the Australian native wildlife you are disrespecting native Australians.
  • with 480 million + animals now dead we should be working on conversation and repopulation of native Australian animals to avoid extinction.
  • Licence permit website