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The time for mourning is done.

We need federal protection. There is no commonwealth legislation protecting us from religious vilification and hate speech. Victoria has introduced these laws and is leading the way. 

Real, sustainable change will not be achieved through press releases, memorial services, or apologist politics.

Christchurch is what happens when unpopular religious minorities bear the brunt of white supremacist anger.

Australia must do better.

We demand a legal provision to make religious discrimination punishable by law.

We must protect the religion (or absence of religion) of minorities, and in particular, of unpopular minorities.

And if you think Muslims are popular in Australia, you’re not paying attention:

- Five major Murdoch news outlets produce almost 3000 anti-Islam pieces in a single year.
- Tony Abbott said that when Muslim leaders condemn terrorist attacks, they don’t mean it.
- Pauline Hanson said Islam is a disease Australia needs to vaccinate against.
- Peter Dutton said the immigration of Lebanese refugees in the 70s was a mistake.
- Fraser Anning called Islam the religious equivalent of fascism and blamed the Christchurch massacre on “Muslim fanatics”.

To all Australians who want a country free from discrimination, the time to act is now.

Will you stand with us?