Do not allow “free speech” to be disguised as hate speech

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Dear respected MP,
RE: Senator Anning’s statements
This is a letter on behalf of Muslim youth who are incredibly disturbed by the statements of Senator Fraser Anning on the dawn of a heartbreaking massacre. Every single one of us calls Australia home. We are attempting to do our best, whether it be at school gaining an education, upholding employment or studying at a tertiary level. We are diverse in our skills and contributions though we all have one thing in common: our pursuit to better the Australian society.
Fraser Anning has labelled the entire population of the Islamic faith as perpetrators and violent killers. We condemn any form of violence committed upon a human being. Violence is not Islam. Violence is not us.
The dangers of preaching hate-speech are ever growing. The ripples of the massacre in New Zealand are being felt intensely amongst our communities. Division, hatred and intolerance of difference are the ultimate breeding ground for heinous crimes of this like. Our leaders are elected to lead and to do so responsibly. Fraser Anning’s comments were extremely irresponsible, insensitive and failed to account the grave sufferings which had occurred only hours prior.
We ask this of you:
Do not allow the voice of hate to be disguised as ‘free-speech’.
Do not allow hate to be empowered within the sacred walls of our government.

Yours sadly,

Concerned Muslim Youth