Divert Foreign Aid Budget to Bushfire Recovery for Rural Communities

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Our rural communities need enormous help to recover after these devastating bushfires – so why are we spending billions of dollars giving aid overseas, especially to countries like Pakistan? 

Australia’s foreign aid budget for 2018-2019 is 4.2 BILLION dollars, which includes $258.5 Million to the Middle East and Africa and $49.8 million to Pakistan.

Consider this :  Pakistan has hundreds of terrorist camps across it's territory – yet they receive billions of dollars of foreign aid from countries around the world (including Australia), in the name of education, medical care and other so called ‘development’ activities …. Much of which is diverted into the hands of terrorists, or just squirreled away by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

Charity starts at home. 

This is YOUR taxpayers’ money – don’t you think this money should go to help our farmers and rural businesses instead of going to corrupt politicians and terrorists overseas?

We demand that for the next 12 months, ALL the $4.2 Billion dollars of foreign aid budget, and all the bureaucratic resources, are diverted to bushfire and drought recovery.  This should include the implementation of the ‘Bradfield Scheme’ to guarantee water supplies to our country communities.

When our farmers are back on their feet again, THEN we can start to donate to other countries deserving of assistance.

Please support our petition and share to all your friends. If you have any questions, please contact me at jh@no-tolls.org or give me a call on 07 5445 7994.


Jeffrey Hodges, Secretary, Motorists Party

See www.no-tolls.org for more info