Demand An Immediate Shutdown Of The Horse Racing Industry

Demand An Immediate Shutdown Of The Horse Racing Industry

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Why this petition matters

Horse racing is endangering its staff, their families and Australians at large.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses is calling on the Australian Government to remain consistent with the message of minimizing/preventing non-essential gatherings and step in to immediately suspend horse racing until the Corona Virus threat is over.

In order to protect these workers, their families and every other Australian they come in contact with, we must demand the racing industry cease operating immediately.
It’s simply impossible for workers to handle racehorses and their gear at the track whilst also following the governments social distancing rules. Horses being prepared in the stalls, going into the barriers and returning to the mounting yard are handled by various staff in close proximity to them and each other. 
Not only has the racing industry repeatedly demonstrated they not care about the horses they profit from, they are also putting the lives of the people on the ground who too make the industry tick over; the strappers, attendants, stewards, grounds persons, jockeys, barrier attendants and those they come into contact with outside of racing at great risk for the sake of profits. 
Major sporting events across Australia and the globe have done the right thing by their supporters and participants by suspending their activities yet the racing industry continues on. When did horse racing become an essential service?

Beginning with the Grand National, the British Racing Authority have now cancelled all race meets at least until the beginning of May. Australia should and must follow suit.
A potential spike in problem gambling is also a major concern. People are going to be doing it very tough over the coming months. The racing industry preys on people's financial vulnerabilities and desperation. A complete suspension of horse and greyhound racing will help to protect those who are most vulnerable from such pitfalls.

Sign now to demand every state and territory minister responsible for racing and the Prime Minister suspend horse racing immediately.

3,324 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!