Stop protecting hate speech: Australia needs a Parliamentary Code of Conduct

I am passionately signing this petition on the basis that what world do we want our children waking up to each morning, we need to build them a world where they are taught genuine love and not hate and indifference, Barrack Obama said something along the lines of children are not born hateful they are taught hate, lets teach them genuine love and acceptance we must all look inward and ask ourselves what sort of leaders do we want to be in the community, what types of humans do we want to project in this beautiful Earth to come, we must chose what is right not what is easy we all must work together to penetrate all levels of Government and society to make stable and constructive conversation there are many halls for debate non of which should echo aggression for aggression begets aggression and the flow on affect of such behavior is what has gotten us to this point, furthermore we will and we must come together as one tribe and eliminate all forms of racism, fascism, hatred, bigotry, intolerance, and indifference we must do these things or all that you cherish and have fought for will be forever lost. Lest we forget. Thank you for your good time and understanding on the real matters at hand.

Tyali Carruthers, Hobart, Australia
1 month ago
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