Critical care/hazard pay & guaranteed PPE for all Australia health care workers

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In these unprecedented times Australian health care workers are at the fore front of the COVID 19 war increasingly spreading across our nation. 

All our dedicated health care workers deserve to be adequately protected and paid for the hard work they do and the risk they are taking, to not only themselves but their families. 

Yes they choose these job roles. Yes they are well trained for it. Let’s show them it’s appreciated and help them to do it well. Please read, sign and share this petition to show your support to our health care workers, our Prime Minister and country leaders. 

To the Honorable Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison and the Honorable Federal Minister of Health Greg Hunt. 

Australian’s request the following;

1. Health care workers be supplied with sufficient supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment) that fully protects them throughout this pandemic. As they risk their lives to provide the necessary services to Australian communities during this outbreak. Let’s keep our front liners safe and aid to slow the curve of this pandemic. 

2. As seen in other countries such as Italy, USA and China high rates of infections occur in health care workers. Thus, health care workers deserve to be paid fairly for the work they do and the high risk involved - these are the people putting their lives and their families lives at risk to help others. Australia requests that health care workers be adequately compensated. 

As a nation let’s unite, show our support to our vital health care workers by making the right choices and taking the necessary appropriate measures to defeat COVID 19. We have 25 million lives depending depending on it. 

Yours Truly, 

Australian health care workers and supporters