Criminalise profiteering from Toilet Paper reselling

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The panic buying in response to coronavirus has seen extreme examples of irrational behaviour by Australians. Now some are selling toilet paper online, on eBay etc at inflated prices. To punish and preclude such immoral actions, the Federal Government must make this type of profiteering illegal now.

Please introduce immediately steep fines and a law to force such scalpers to refund money extracted from desperate buyers. Make this applicable to all essential products including hand sanitisers etc and increase online vigilance and prosecutions especially in times of pandemics and other national emergencies.

Consider forcing online reselling engines like eBay, Amazon, Gumtree etc to release to police sellers’ data and track these illegal trades if refunds are not voluntarily enacted. 
Publicise these measures as a matter of urgency to stop this practice immediately and restore some sense of normality and decency in our community.