Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) is now declared a Pandemic.

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Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) is now declared a Pandemic by World Health Organisation.

There is a lot more to do to contain the virus spread within Australia and safeguard our citizens.

I would like to kindly request the following be implemented with immediate effect until such time the virus spread is completely arrested, or the population is immunised (once a vaccine is available):

  1. Set up as many drive through test facilities as possible like in South Korea.
  2. Test a random sample of the community from each state and territory to find out the true extent of the infection.
  3. Offer tests to all frontline health care workers at regular intervals.
  4. Offer tests to all those who have arrived in Australia from overseas in the past 14 days.
  5. Cancel all public events and gatherings.
  6. Ban all private functions attended by people from more than one household.
  7. Ban all non-essential overseas and internal travel.
  8. Close all schools, universities and other educational institutes.
  9. Allow as many employees as possible to work from home.
  10. Consider paid leave or compensation to stay away from work to citizens with high risk of death from the disease who are unable to work from home.
  11. Set up systems to effectively deliver consumables and services to those who are quarantined in their homes.
  12. Ensure everyone is abiding by the quarantine laws or regulations.
  13. Prevent importing more cases by strict travel regulations.
  14. Set up a system to get regular feed back from medical professionals, other health care workers and general public about the current status of the infection and its management.
  15. Set up one website from which all Australians can get simple, up to date and accurate information regarding the Covid 19 infection.
  16. Make sure all Australians are aware of the serious nature of the infection and the actual risk of serious complications including death.

If the virus spreads in our community to the degree it does currently in Italy and Iran there will be much worse financial losses compared to the cost of implementing the measures to nip this infection in the bud before it is too late.