Close all Australian schools, decrease the risk of COVID-19

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is a new global problem, which is increasingly spreading all over Australia. As the government has put a stop to all gatherings with 500 or more people, they have completely disregarded schools. “Scott Morrison should have announced an immediate closure of schools and a 4 week school holiday period. Most schools (let alone universities) have many hundreds of pupils and teachers, meaning they are effectively large public gatherings.” - Leith Van Onselen. There have already been students and teachers infected with the virus, which has forced a few schools to be shut down, but the closure of all schools will primarily slow down the spreading of this pandemic disease. By closing schools, online education should be considered as a substitute for actual classes

We need to take all precautions and act quickly and effectively. Please stop putting our children at risk and order the closure of all schools in Australia.