China Must Pay! The Australian Government should Seize all Chinese assets and investments

China Must Pay! The Australian Government should Seize all Chinese assets and investments

3 April 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Scott Feeney

China must pay, reparations are fair and will help the world recover from the Chinese Communist lies.
The Australian Government should immediately seize all Chinese investments and assets, making them an asset of our government to help rebuild our economy, to help the Australian people pay off our massive debts incurred by this Chinese communist lie. 

China, through pride and arrogance, kept the details of the coronavirus/COVID19 secret from the rest of the world. Nobodies lives will be the same and many have already changed. We have lost and will lose loved ones, businesses have been ruined, people will lose their cars and homes. 

We are all taking a big hit from this and so should the Chinese Communist government. 

Virgin and Tiger Airlines pay no tax in Australia yet virgin made $5.4 billion AUD in revenue in 2018. This year with the impact of the COVID19 virus they are asking the taxpayers in Australia to give them a handout.

Any Chinese owned commercial and residential real estate should be seized by the Australian government and leased to Australians and small Aussie businesses with the proceeds going straight back into our pockets. 
Farms, Dairy, fruit and livestock. We want them back too, they should never have been let go.

Aussie water entitlements, these shouldn't even be a thing but anything the Chinese Communist Government has as an asset should also go back to Australia

Take back our power grid, This is an important piece of infrastructure that should be managed and owned by us. 

We built this nation over the last 120 years with government regulations and ownership. We got on our feet as a nation and all of these things became privatised. Sadly a foreign communist entity moved in and started taking over. 
It's time to take Australia back and not be pressured or owned by a Chinese Communist Regime.

It should also be made clear that Chinese Communist investment and take over is not welcome here

Sign the petition, share the petition tell the Australian Government we have had enough. We must take Australia back and start rebuilding.

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Signatures: 30Next goal: 50
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