Change Within The System


Change Within The System

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I am writing to you as an Australian Resident who has worked as an Occupational Therapist and lived in Adelaide for the last 10 years. Until recent events which led me to write this letter, I considered Adelaide to be my home and had a great deal respect and trust in the Australian justice system

I have decided to share my unimaginable story with you, in the quest to prevent this ever happening to another human being

The last year can only be described as "living a nightmare"

I have never felt so disempowered as a woman and a mother. This was a terrifying experience

I was misdiagnosed, nearly detained and forced to take medication for a condition it's been proven I do not have. I have never received an explanation or apology for this inhuman treatment..

The ordeal commenced post investigation by SAPOL

I was never informed of the referral to the Mental Health Team, nor had any concerns regarding my mental health been discussed at any point by the Detective

The Detective has been held to account for her actions and is undergoing educational retraining

The Mental Health Team contacted me to discuss the referral and arrange an assessment

The Mental Health Nurse who undertook the initial assessment with me contacted SAPOL to query the reason for the referral, as there was no evidence of mental health on initial assessment. The Detective provided the Southern Mental Health Team with the journal entries and free hand written notes. SAPOL requested me to document things of concern in regards to the investigation. These journals and free hand written notes were not written in a clear, concise and logical manner as this was not the intention and purpose of the notes

On receipt of the notes from SAPOL Dr T made the formal diagnosis of “POST NATAL PSYCHOSIS /DELUSIONAL DISORDER” and made arrangements for me to be detained

I had not had any direct contact or been formally assessed by Dr T at this stage. However, he proceeded to formulate a diagnosis based entirely on collateral information, provided by SAPOL

The referral was generated from SAPOL, who had not had any face to face contact with me since 07/09/18

The implications of this diagnosis:
•  I was nearly hospitalised on two occasions and forced to take medication for a condition, which has been proved I do not have
• Financial implications resulted in having to pay privately to finance, psychological assessments, psychiatric re-assessments and multiple meetings with solicitors
• The emotional, physical and mental implications of this process on myself, the children and my family is unmeasurable
• Ultimately the emotional damage of losing 3 months of maternity leave with my new-born son can never be replaced

Multiple Health Professionals assessed my mental state during this period, non could see any evidence of psychological or psychiatric conditions

After such a major diagnosis I was discharged within 6 weeks and have never seen the mental health team again.  Never have I received an apology for the misdiagnosis or my treatment

My experience represents a total injustice. It is paramount that the issues highlighted are rectified in the best interest of the people of South Australia

Myself and my family have been traumatised by this whole experience. 

Change needs to happen..


Please help..



This petition made change with 28 supporters!

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