Change the Family Law & Child support systems to be equally fair to parents

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The Family court ACT was formed in 1975 and has not been revised since, Since then the Male population has been unfairly treated and male suicides are now at an all time high due to a system that is not working fairly for parents, Up to 21 father per week are committing suicide in Australia due to the way the system works 

Fathers are alienated from their children by mothers who use the system in a negative way, The courts view mothers as they can do no wrong and when they are found to be doing wrong they are not prosecuted or having their behavior corrected 

Fathers are then forced to pay large amounts in child support leaving them struggling to support themselves let alone their families,The calculations for child support are based of a system made 40+ years ago and do not correlate to todays society, The human resources department has more authority than the federal police and can access your bank accounts as well as take your pay before you receive it and have no empathy for any circumstance you may be dealing with 

The system needs to be revised and reformed to better help parents work together to raise their children.