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Firstly, these three teens have done a very idiotic and illegal thing and this is not to excuse their behaviour, they deserve consequences and they HAVE recieved consequences; a 12k fine. however, due to public scrutunity they are now facing the threat of 5 years in prison. The average sentence is 6 months. 

FIVE YEARS is more than the australian judicial systems charges rapist, abusers and pedophiles. It is an extreme and you have to keep in mind, although these young women have been extremely selfish, they are still young and deserve a chance at life. 

Why has their sentence been extended for an additional 5 years and 6 months? I'm not sure. However, why did Australia react so harshly to them? We have to come together and admit that Australia holds racial bias against immigrants especially black immigrants, they never have reacted to other instances of non black people creating covid spikes; for example: the Victorian security guard having sex with patients in a quarantine hotel or the truck drive in New South Wales that was responsible for a second wave there too. The disparity between minorities and white people when it comes to accountability is sickening, we need to do better.